Lord Calvert Firearms
  •   Gunsmithing - re-bluing, bead-blasting matte finish on stainless weapons, re-barrelling & fitting of pistols - rifles - shotguns - and some revolvers, drilling/tapping/mounting of scopes on most firearms, accuracy pinning of shotgun barrels, polishing/smoothing feed ramps & chambers, hammers, re-trigger shotguns & rifles (utilizing Timney or Jewell triggers when possible), 1911 trigger lightening/smoothing, etc.

  •   Gun Repair - replace worn springs (utilizing Wolff Springs when possible), replace screws, replace worn/damaged grips, stocks, sights, scope mounts, etc.
  •   LEO's/CO's - All Law Enforcement Officers (Federal, also) and Correctional Officers receive 10% off on all labor, and 5% off on any LEO-related equipment, only.  Current Armed Service Members (all branches) receive the same 10% off on all labor.
  •   On Request - disassemble your firearm, and utilizing state-of-the-art  solvents/lubricants completely Clean/Lubricate/Re-Assemble and 'function test' with A-Zoom® Snap-Caps.
  •   Specializing in recovering rusted firearms such as granddad's shotgun that fell in the water, or your family's heirlooms/weapons that are rusted beyond recognition.

  •   Military Firearms are our Passion - M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, M14/M1A's, 98k Mausers, all Enfields including No. 5 Jungle Carbines, 1911's and 1911A1's, AR-15's & M4's (all calibers), H&K 91's/93's/94's, FN/FAL's, '03A3's, SKS & AK-47's, Arisaka's, Mosin-Nagant's, UZI's, and many, many others!
  •   If you have any questions regarding whether a weapon can be rehabilitated or repaired, or an AR-15 decked out in lasers, lights, foregrips, collapsible stocks, or a complete 'upper' in a different caliber, please don't hesitate to call or e-mail Moose. 
Owner/Gunsmith - Kenneth (Moose) Hall
Phone - (443) 995-0556

E-mail - moose@lordcalvertfirearms.com

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